Here’s Another Way to Appreciate Avocados

Here’s Another Way to Appreciate Avocados

You know the avocado trend has gotten out of control when the latest craze has nothing to do with actually eating the popular fruit.

It feels like we say this every week, but the next avocado craze is…avocado art.

Yes, it sounds lame, but the creations and creativity are remarkable. Precisely-carved avocado halves have started popping up all over social media, giving an artsy feel to the round and uninspiring fruit.

The trend gained traction on the popular website Reddit, where one user went so far as to compare an avocado carving to the ornate designs of the dragon eggs in the Harry Potter books.

Perhaps the most renowned avocado artist is Daniele Barresi, who creates the most detailed avocado art designs around (just check out his piece for The Avocado Show). His created a buzz, and now Instagrammers everywhere are showing off their avocado art pieces. From Goyard chevrons to sliced pixel patterns to carved pits, the avocado has arrived (again).

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We can’t say for sure if avocado trend #6871 will stick around, unlike recent avocado creations including the avocado bun and avolatte. But as a friendly reminder to future avocado artists: before going full Michelangelo, learn the proper way to cut and pit the fruit—you don’t want to be the next victim of avocado hand.

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