This Mayonnaise Ice Cream Recipe is Creamy & Delicious (No, Really)

This Mayonnaise Ice Cream Recipe is Creamy & Delicious (No, Really)

When news broke that a Scottish shop was now serving mayonnaise ice cream, nauseous-faced emojis flooded the Twitter world (and rightfully so).

The mayonnaise ice cream recipe contains a full half-cup of mayonnaise, in addition to a classic custard-base built with seven golden yolks.

That’s right, half a cup of mayo – or, 80 grams of fat added to ice cream because it just isn’t creamy enough, obviously. We also recommend a side of fries with your mayo ice cream – served with more mayo, rather than ketchup – because if you’re going hard on the mayo, you may as well go full mayo.

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David Moo, bartender and owner of Quarter Bar and self-proclaimed ice cream aficionado had “complicated” feelings before his first bite.

“When I envision eating ice cream, something that texture or temperature, and finding that it’s mayonnaise-flavored, something in me says, ‘Gross.’”

And his opinion after trying the silky, decadent mayo ice cream?

Moo said simply, “This is f***ing delicious.”

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