Check Out These 5 Fantastic Foods to Boost Your Libido

Check Out These 5 Fantastic Foods to Boost Your Libido

We all know that getting enough exercise and the proper amount of sleep can have a large affect on the quality of our sex drive and performance in the bedroom (or wherever you may get your kink on,) but evidence suggests that the food we eat can also play a role in how fantabulous our sex life is.

It’s long been thought that eating things like oysters increases the libido, but is it true?

Here are some of the latest ideas on eating to boost your sex life:

1) Cloves


Not just for that pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, cloves are said to be an effective aphrodisiac as they can raise testosterone levels in both males and females, increasing the frequency of those sexy moments. This spice is rumored to have been used in Asia for centuries to increase libido and sexual performance. Cloves are also said to prevent premature ejaculation-another good excuse, guys, to indulge in that delicious chai latte!

2) Black Raspberries


These are those big, seedy, juicy berries that look like a regular raspberry on steroids, crossed with a black berry. Not to be confused with its near-twin, the wise and talented blackberry.

How are black raspberries beneficial? Both the fruit and the seeds are said to contain a wealth of phytochemicals that increase the body’s ability to feel aroused. Eating 10 black raspberries or a large tablespoon of the seeds is said to be enough to make you feel the difference.

A great fruit to keep on hand in the freezer, or fresh in a bowl in the fridge.

3) Watermelon

A young asian couple enjoy tropical watermelon

Why do people bring watermelon to romantic picnics and eat it basking in the glow of a sprawling mountain scene at the foot of a motionless, glass-like lake in the Swiss alps-at least in the movies?

Apparently, watermelon acts on the body in a way similar to Viagara by relaxing blood vessels and potentially increasing blood flow to erectile tissue. There’s a good reason.

One of the key ingredients in watermelon is citrulline, which is an amino acid that lightens up the nerves in the body. So, it’s true: not a bad dessert to eat with your loved one on a blanket in the shade.

4) Ginseng


According to, researchers at the University of Hawaii studied ginseng and it’s affect on women and found substantial results in the sex department.

Science found that women who took a ginseng supplement significantly increased their libido in just a month. Promising! Almost 70 percent of the women said their overall sex life improved dramatically.

Even if it was the placebo effect, it’s worth a shot, as ginseng has so many great qualities and then some.

5) Saffron


Fields full of saffron. This spice from the east was found by researchers at Canada’s University of Guelph to improve sexual performance and overall mood. Try it in rice, bread, or an assortment of other dishes-you’ll feel happier you did! With 150 flowers needed to produce just one gram of this wonderous stuff, it’s no wonder that saffron is valued at about $2,000 to $10,000 a pound. There’s a good chance that it’s worth every last penny.





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