How a California Girl Had This Bizarre Object Stuck Up Her Nose for Months

How a California Girl Had This Bizarre Object Stuck Up Her Nose for Months

Poor 5-year-old Khloe Russell of Hemet, California had a permanent, green, snotty nose with a bad smell for months that doctors couldn’t diagnose. It was only when she blew it and a 1.5 inch safety pin came out that the mystery was solved.

“I almost passed out,” said Khloe’s mother Katelyn Powell, in a report on “I couldn’t believe it. It was huge. I was like, ‘Where did this come from!'”

The small piece of metal had wedged its way up the young girl’s nasal cavity when, unbeknownst to her mom, Khloe had found a bag of safety pins six months ago and started playing with them, “to see how far up she could put the pins up her nose,” her mom said.


Kids commonly place foreign objects up their noses with Lego, Polly Pockets, balls of tissue and raisins being some of the most popular items but usually these are retrieved in a relatively short period of time.

The incredible part of Khloe’s story is that she paid a visit to three different doctors, an ear, nose and throat specialist and even a dentist and the best answer her mom got was that her daughter was suffering from a strong sinus infection.

Khloe was even prescribed various antibiotics, none of which cleared her nose.

Powell said she doesn’t blame the medical specialists who checked her child and misdiagnosed the problem. It would have been tough to find the safety pin encased in the large amounts of mucous Khloe’s nose was producing, she said.

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