Check Out These 3 Seasonal Allergies You Might Not Know You Have

Check Out These 3 Seasonal Allergies You Might Not Know You Have

Sneezing at the sight of bugs and lightning? Your allergies aren’t all in your head (at least psychologically-speaking).

The allergy season has started. Trees are blooming in many places- if not already full of leaves- and all that snow is melting our hearts and front yards.

For those who normally get hit hard in grass season with a runny nose, there’s still a long wait in the Northern states before we face that onslaught, (thankfully).

But seasonal allergies aren’t always restricted to greenery. If you find yourself feeling congested at a different time compared with those around you, you may want to dig a little deeper to find out the source of your problems.

Experts say that we’re unlikely to be allergic to flowers, as their pollen is pretty heavy. It doesn’t get swept up the winds of spring and summer and blown around like the others.

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You could, however, be sneezing at the sight of ladybugs. Yes, those cute little red heads. Strangely enough, some homes end up harboring ladybug infestations of these critters and it can be a problem.

How? Because like other insects, ladybugs like to venture inside for the winter, where it’s warm. Come spring, they reappear in crowds as they head outdoors.

If you see quite a few ladybugs flying around one location in your home and your nose feels irritated, you could be having a reaction to them in the same way you would to a dog or cat. Strange but true!

Thunderstorms are another allergy culprit. They can worsen your asthma symptoms, and drastically so, if you have them. Mold and pollen are torn apart by these frights of nature, exacerbating breathing problems.

And finally, you may simply be allergic to the ground. Well, not actually the dirt… but the mold that can be found in it. Many people are allergic to ground mold and find that seasonal symptoms pop up in spring and summer, when the dirt is exposed to air.

Still not sure? Maybe it’s a cold. We’re not entirely out of flu season yet- a few more weeks to go. Almost there!

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