Here Are 5 Best Easter Deserts America Loved in 2017

Here Are 5 Best Easter Deserts America Loved in 2017

You’ll make their taste buds water as they come back for thirds, with these popular seasonal treats.

We have just two weeks to go ‘til Easter and bunnies are hoppin’. If you’re rushing around getting those baskets ready with the best treats 2018 has to offer, your likely looking for delicious desserts to top your table.

Easter is a time full of creativity. From cakes to bars and candies, there’s something to please every palate at the end of dinner.

What to make?

One of the most-made desserts for the annual celebration is carrot cake with white (usually cream cheese) icing. Mom’s Time has a ‘To-Die-For’ carrot cake recipe that requires a look as it’s a favorite on Pinterest and elsewhere. Blogger Trish says the delectable recipe comes from her nanna, and who can argue with nanna’s great taste?

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When it comes to keeping things simple, coconut macaroons are one of the easiest desserts you can present, with just a handful of ingredients required for tasty results.

And for the kid in all of us, spring confetti bars offer something playful. Full of Easter colors that adults and kids alike will snatch up, their a definite ‘yum’.

Looking for less starch? Consider conjuring up some Easter Oreo bark, made with vanilla candy coating. Or, there’s fresh fruit. This rhubarb pie is sure to strike a positive note, as long as the fruit is accessible and in season. Bon appetit and enjoy!

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