Women in Canada and the UK Can Now Test for HPV and STIs at Home With this Kit

Women in Canada and the UK Can Now Test for HPV and STIs at Home With this Kit

Ever wanted to test yourself for HPV and STIs but couldn’t find the time to get an appointment at the doctor’s office or found you were intimidated by the process?

An entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada is trying to change this by bringing HPV and STI self-testing for women to the comfort of home.

Not available in the U.S where self-testing kits are already prevalent, the Eve Kit is designed by Jessica Ching and being sold in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hong Kong.

The kit provides patients with an easy and convenient way to screen for HPV and STIs by providing the tools and infrastructure for women to test themselves.


Patients can order a kit online and sign up for private access to see their results on their own computer.

Here’s how it works: an Eve Kit is mailed to the patient, who collects their own target sample.

Following this, the patient mails their results back to the company where they are tested in an accredited lab.

Once available, patients can check their results privately online or on their mobile phone through the patients’ results portal developed by Eve Kit. And it all takes just a few days.



Amazingly, the Eve Kit has already been approved for use by Health Canada and has been CE marked for European conformity.

Every year approximately 530,000 women worldwide develop cervical cancer and 23 million women develop sexually transmitted infections related to infertility, yet in North America, one in three women don’t screen for STIs on a regular basis.

And so, this product could be a game changer.

To learn more and place an order, check out Eve Kits’ Indiegogo campaign online.

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