Bad Morning Sickness? Here’s Why It Could Point to a Healthy Pregnancy

Bad Morning Sickness? Here’s Why It Could Point to a Healthy Pregnancy

It has to do with hormones and how they help your systems run well when you’re expecting.

You wake up and instantly feel the need to find a bathroom. It’s not the stomach flu: you’re pregnant.

For some women, morning sickness can be mild or inexistent but for others, it can seem to dominate their pregnancy. The feelings are usually most prominent during the first three months, but in a few rare cases, they can continue right to the very end.

The result? Unrelenting physical distress as well as mental disturbance becomes the norm, with few moments of relief to be found in the forgiving gaps.

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But here’s the good news. While we’ve been conditioned to believe that physical discomfort and pain means that something is wrong with our body, expectant moms can rest assured with the results of a new study.

Professor Philip Lowry and Dr Russell Woods from the University of Reading recently published a review in the Journal of Molecular Endocrinology that proves suffering from morning sickness when you’re pregnant can be a good thing.

It’s All About the Placenta

Here’s how it works: when a woman is pregnant, her body releases a hormone called endokinin.

This is a necessary ingredient for healthy pregnancies, as it affects blood flow. Endokinin can be a key factor in ensuring the placenta is being successfully implanted in the body, and that it’s going to feed the growing baby well and keep everyone healthy and happy.

The problem is, endokinin is also something that tells the brain to induce nausea and vomiting.

Isn’t nature full of lovely surprises?

So, there it is. The next time the sent of cinnamon makes you gag, and the idea of eggs on toast sounds like eating eyeballs soaking in fresh goat’s blood, remember to be “thankful”. It could be sign that everything’s actually going really well.

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