10 Jobs That Will Get You Covering 15,000 Steps a Day

10 Jobs That Will Get You Covering 15,000 Steps a Day

Sitting all day and coming home to TV and the Internet is taking its toll on your body. Changing your job to something that gets you moving can help.

You’ve heard all the talk about the dangers of sitting too much. It’s bad for your heart, as well as your waistline. In fact, one study even goes so far as to suggest that sitting too much can also increase your risk of dying from cancer.

What can you do? Obviously it’s good to limit how much time you spend each day watching TV or enjoying sedentary time on your computer and with electronic devices.

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Experts recommend that we walk between 10,000 and 15,000 steps each day, (this adds up to about 5 to 7.5 miles), and that in doing so, we’ll keep ourselves happy and healthy.

But when so many of our jobs require us to sit still for long periods of time over most of our waking hours, this can be difficult to do.

You can always invest in a treadmill desk but what if this isn’t your thing? Check out this list. These jobs might not be in your subject area, but they could save your life.

Here are 10 jobs that can get you up and moving, all day long.

1) Mail Carrier


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A recent article in the New York Times discusses a study done on mail carriers in Scotland that showed the health benefits of being a walking mailman or woman are big.

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Add to that the fact that you get to spend time getting to know your community and having some healthy ‘alone time’ with this job, and it’s a win.

2) Bike Courier


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If you love speed and racing the clock, being a bike courier could be for you. Sure, your not covering all those walking steps but your heart is certainly working while your feet are pedaling away.

3)Train Conductor


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This one might come as a surprise, but the train employees who walk the aisles to collect tickets and complete other jobs on board can easily get their miles in each day. You won’t be driving the train, but you’ll get in a lot of travel and be on your feet.

You’ll also be required to be a safety magnet, as well as enjoy working outside in any kind of weather, independently.

4) School Janitor


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Depending on the size of the building they are servicing, janitors can walk anywhere from a few miles to many, many miles each day. If you’re not interested in chasing a hefty salary but love moving around and being around kids, this could be for you.

5) Groundskeeper


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Being a groundskeeper for a large institution like a university or a business complex will keep you on your toes. Daily garbage collection, weeding and watering of plants, shoveling snow, cutting grass and other general upkeep means you’re moving all the time.

6) Dog Walker


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You’re everyone’s favorite person in the neighborhood, and famous at the dog park with this one. It’s an excellent part-time job to keep you hopping.

7) Meter Reader


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Meter readers do the important job of keeping accurate track of how the amount of utilities people are using and walk a lot. Estimates say it can be up to 9-15 miles per day.

8) Google Street View Trekker


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This sounds like an amazing summer job, or a permanent one for the extra-adventurous. As a trekker with Google, you will be required to wear a backpack equipped with a 360-degree camera and walk wherever you think Google should have a map as data in its system.

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Own a ranch and want it documented? Have a favorite back-country hike you think no one knows about? This is for you. (Except, of course, if you want to keep that well-hidden hike a secret).

9) Field Scientist


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Being a field scientist can take you across all sorts of terrain as you collect samples and study interactions among plants, animals and aquatic creators in their natural environment. Lots and lots of steps, on all sorts of ground.

10) Home Depot Clerk

Working at Home Depot to get your steps in might cause you to raise your eyebrows, but large stores like this are so big that employees can log many miles on a busy shift.

You can easily help others renovate their home or buy some Christmas lights while collecting your steps. Add in time in the garden center and you’ll be raking in the miles.

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