The Benefits of Eating Snails

The Benefits of Eating Snails

Humans have been eating snails for thousands of years. With great nutrients and flexible flavor, here’s why you should give them a try.

Reports tell of empty shells being found in caves that prehistoric man inhabited all over the world and to this day, they can be found on the menu in many upscale restaurants.

So what is it that draws us to munching on snails? ‘Escargot’ are more than simply slow moving molluscs that can destroy your garden.

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When it comes to choosing snails as a meal, flavor and convenience both come into play. While some people may cringe at the idea of putting one in their mouth, the taste of a snail can actually change, depending on what it’s recently eaten.


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Some say the munchies don’t actually have much taste at all but it’s certain that they ARE a great vehicle for delicious sauces. (Bring on the butter!)

If you’re getting your snails fresh, they can be easily found and harvested, or bred, but it might be than a fork full of flavor that has instinctively drawn us to them.

Snails are a quality low calorie source of protein and are also a great source of iron and vitamin B12. They also contain magnesium, selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids-not in the quantities offered by oily fish, but they’re present.

They may not reach the level of being a superfood, but some they do. If you already eat snails, give yourself a pat on the back for good choices. If you don’t, why not pick some up at the supermarket and try this straightforward recipe. Enjoy!

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