A New Technology is Putting All Childhood Vaccines into One Single Needle

A New Technology is Putting All Childhood Vaccines into One Single Needle

New medical technology could make things more comfortable for us and drastically change childhood survival rates across the world.

I know, vaccines: don’t get all up in arms. This new technology has been shown to work in mice, but it hasn’t yet been tested in humans. And if you don’t like it, by all means you don’t have to take part.

For those of us who really do feel that vaccines actually save significantly way more lives than they ever harm though, it could be time to rejoice.

It’s all due to some new technology developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In the not-so-distant future you may not have to visit the doctor multiple times for numerous needles in order to cover all your vaccinations. You could actually get it done with one jab.

A team of researchers has developed a new type of microparticle. It can house all your vaccinations in tiny microscopic capsules that release themselves at specific, designated times.

Think of those disposable Keurig coffee capsules. According to the BBC, the particles are said to look like “miniature coffee cups that are filled with vaccine and then sealed with a lid.”

You take the needle holding all your vaccines and the cups spill their contents when programed to, and break down in your system when their done.

Sound amazing? It definitely reduces potential trips to the clinic in North America. It makes things easier on parents holding young, screaming babies as they face multiple needles.

But the most astounding benefit could be for those living in developing nations.

Prof Robert Langer, from MIT is quoted as saying: “We are very excited about this work…In the developing world, that might be the difference between not getting vaccinated and receiving all of your vaccines in one shot.”

This could definitely save scores of lives across the planet. Thanks very much, MIT.

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