A Beer a Day Could See Parenthood on the Way

A Beer a Day Could See Parenthood on the Way

If you’re planning on throwing back a couple of cold ones this weekend fellas, you could be upping your chances at becoming a parent, research suggests.

It’s been shown that men who drink a pint of beer a day could double the odds of becoming a father, according to research by the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The researchers looked at over 100 men, whose wives and girlfriends were undergoing IVF treatment, who completed dietary surveys including questions about alcohol intake.

The data showed that men who drank the most alcohol had a 57 per cent chance of an IVF session resulting in a baby compared to the men who drank the least amount of alcohol who had a 28 per cent success rate. Although there was a significant increase in the chance of a baby being born, the data didn’t show any link between the amount of alcohol consumed and the quality of the men’s sperm.

A recent report looked at the countries in the world that consume the most beer and reveals that China drinks the most beer in total at 54bn liters, but it is mostly European countries that drink the most beer in the world per person.

The Czech Republic topped the list of the highest amount of beer drunk in the world per head at 143 liters and a nationwide total of 1.5bn liters of beer drunk. Coming in second was Germany with an estimated 110 liters per person followed by Austria with 108 liters per person to round out the top three.

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