This is the Fittest City in America

This is the Fittest City in America

If you wanted to make a move to improve your health, it doesn’t have to be through exercise or dieting – you could literally move, and might be inspired to get fit.

Packing your bags and making your way down to America’s capital could have you motivated to be a part of the U.S.’s fittest city: Washington, D.C.

The three-time heavyweight lightweight champ of fittest city in America defended its American Fitness Index title. The annual award was presented to D.C. residents for frequent exercise, low smoking rates and better overall health.

USA Today reported D.C. is a consistent contender thanks to the more active lifestyle the typical Washingtonian leads. That comes from using public transportation, readily available parks, and fitness centers.

Minneapolis took second place, and Denver rounded out the podium finishers.

Which cities were in the draft lottery (at the bottom of the rankings)?

Indianapolis was ranked the least fit, followed by Oklahoma City and Louisville. Guess there’s a new fattest city in America, sorry Springfield.

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