7 Beneficial Summer Activities You Can Enjoy All Year

7 Beneficial Summer Activities You Can Enjoy All Year

Just because summer has come to an end, doesn’t mean the fun has flown south.

You can still enjoy – and benefit from – those summertime activities that are synonymous with the season. Besides, many summertime things are better enjoyed in cooler weather anyway.

These seven healthy & beneficial summer activities are good year-round!

Eating lots of fruits and veggies.

It’s hard to resist the selection of peaches, plums, berries, corn on the cob, and more, when they’re at their prime in the summer.


But there are equally delicious and diet-approved autumn fruits and veggies to ‘fall’ for, too. Apples, pears, figs, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, galore!

Stay hydrated.

We make a more conscious effort to stay hydrated in the rising temperatures of the summer, due to the strong sun that’s so prominent in the season.

It’s just as important to keep hydrated even when those temperatures drop. Dehydration may make you feel sluggish, cause headaches, and even make you feel hungry when you really aren’t.

Make it a habit to drink lots of water, year-round – especially if you want your skin looking its best.

Get outdoors.

Swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding may not be as appealing in the fall, but there’s still enough to do to encourage outdoors time.


Hiking, walking, running and bike riding are best enjoyed with cool fall temperatures. If that’s unappealing, there’s plenty of activity made for the indoors, like yoga or spinning, where your temperature excuse falls flat.

The takeaway: fall’s lowering temperatures is no excuse to becoming a couch potato.

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Keep grilling.

Many people retire their BBQ’s once Labor Day weekend hits.

But if grilling has been helping you keep added fat down, and eat more veggies, fish, and poultry, why stop? You can always ‘bring the grill inside’ by picking up a grill pan, or heating up your broiler and getting experimental with seasonings.

Keep clamming.

Now you don’t literally need to go clamming (unless you live near a fresh source, then do so), but you should continue consuming plenty of shellfish.


Lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams and steamers are summer hits for good reason – they’re tasty, low in calories and fat, and high in protein. Just avoid dousing that lobster in butter or mayo! Opt for fresh spices, or a squirt of lemon instead.


Most people’s summer calendars are super social, partly due to longer days, lighter workloads, and lots of cookouts.

This is also positive – strong, social relationships are crucial to our health and general well-being. They can even lead to improved immunities, and a longer lifespan.

Don’t stop socializing just because it’s hibernation season. Research fun, active indoor activities to share with families and friends. Archery, anyone?

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Wear white.

It’s not a fashion faux pas to dress for comfort and your personal style, so don’t give into the old adage, ‘no white after Labor Day’.


If wearing white makes you happy, keep the white clothes in your fall and winter rotations, too.  Dressing for the feeling you want – be it happiness, confidence or playfulness – is always a healthy choice.

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