5 Questions Your Gynecologist Would Love to Answer

5 Questions Your Gynecologist Would Love to Answer

Some people feel no hesitation talking with others. Strangers at the bus stop, hairdressers, dentists, doctors, just about anyone is fine- even professionals inspecting their most private parts.

But some of us are a bit more reserved. The words ‘discharge’ and ‘healthy vagina’ are maybe for our thoughts, only. What to do?

If you feel like a weirdo asking your gynecologist questions, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

In truth though, your doctor has probably heard it all. Here is a list of common questions your gynecologist would likely love to answer:

1) Do I smell healthy?


Does your vagina smell like it’s supposed to, or is something off? Since the majority of women only smell their own vag, it can be hard to tell what’s ‘normal’. Your gyno has witnessed thousands- they can give you the real scoop.

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2) How much discharge is normal?

Every vagina has discharge, but too much can be the sign of a problem. Is it the right color? Is there too much or too little? The doctor will know.

3) Do you think it’s a genital wart?


Sometimes there’s a bump or a lump down there. If it’s a genital wart, it can be good to know if it’s going to go away, or if it could spread. Or, maybe it’s something else, like a tiny cyst.

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4) How many Kegels should I do?

If you’re trying to tighten things up, either post-pregnancy or at another time, you might have questions about Kegels. Your gynecologist can likely recommend a regime that can help you get back in shape and on track.

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5) Sometimes things itch. Is this normal?


We all itch, all over, sometimes. It could be after a sweaty time at the gym, or after a long day in panty hose. But what kind of itching is it? If it doesn’t go away, it could be something else like a yeast infection or an STI. It’s good to know what’s what. Ask away.

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