5 Great Reasons to Eat More Guacamole

5 Great Reasons to Eat More Guacamole

This simple and fabulous dip is great for your immune system, cardiovascular health and eyes.

Last Saturday was National Guacamole Day across the U.S., and whether you love avocados or hate them, it was a time of celebration.

I don’t know if millions of guac lovers flocked to Tex Mex stands this weekend, but some things are for certain.

According to NationalToday.com 48% of Americans surveyed say they love guacamole and just 7% actually hate it while 45% lie someplace in between.

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The dip, which has its roots in ancient Aztec culture, was once believed to have magical powers as a powerful aphrodisiac.

What else can the green sauce do for you? Here are 5 great reasons to grab a chip and get dipping:

1) It Can Help You Ward Off a Cold

Guacamole is made with avocados, tomato and lime juice and as such, you do yourself a favor when you eat it. It’s packed with vitamin C. By eating it regularly, you can help keep your immune system up and colds at bay.

2) It’s Good for Your Cardiovascular Health


This dip has plenty of unsaturated fat in it, (that’s the kind that’s good for you). One avocado has almost 20 grams of it, in fact.

Eat it and lower your bad cholesterol, blood pressure, says the Harvard School of Public Health. A winning combination.

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3) It Can Help You Fight Aging

Vitamin E is something that slows oxidation in your cells, which is a good thing. When you get enough, it can reduce the damage this process does to your skin and organs, resulting in aging.

According to the experts, one avocado has just under 30% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin E, another reason to guac-up.

4) It’s Great For Your Bones

Green ripe avocado from organic avocado plantation - healthy food

Getting enough vitamin K isn’t something adults talk about often. When you’re born doctors often give you a jab of it to make sure you’re off on the right track, but once you’re older than about 3 days, no one seems to mention it.

It’s time to break the silence. What’s it good for? Vitamin K is needed to cause your blood to clot and it also helps your body absorb calcium. Avocados can help prevent osteoporosis! One biggie has almost 50% of a female’s recommended daily intake and about 35%, for men.

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5) It Will Keep Your Eyes Shining Bright

All that avocado contains a lot of vitamin A, which is great for your eyes. According to Livestrong.com it could go far in protecting you from things like night-blindness. It can also help to ward off colds and candida.

So, should you make your own, or buy a tub the next time you’re in the supermarket?

Fresh is always best, in my books. Click here for a simple recipe full of taste. All you need is ripe avocados, lemon juice, a pinch of salt and whatever else you’d like to add.

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