Here Are 5 Ways Spiders Are Actually Good For Your Health

Here Are 5 Ways Spiders Are Actually Good For Your Health

From treating Alzheimer’s to stopping pain, spiders could very likely have the answer.

If you’re arachnophobic, an ugly spider crawling across your kitchen floor while you search the fridge for snacks might not be your idea of a good time. But having that creepy crawly in your home- or at least in your world- could be a good thing… even if they give you nightmares. Spiders offer a whole array of goodness to humans.

Here are 5 ways these fantastic creations help us out:

1) They Prevent the Spread of Diseases


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We know that spiders eat other insects like mosquitoes, by catching them in their webs. But it’s not just the spider that benefits when it catches a good meal.

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By taking the pests out of the environment, these tiny beings are actually doing us a giant favor by reducing our chances of contracting diseases that insects like mosquitoes can spread. Zika and the West Nile Virus, be gone. Thank you very much, Miss Itsy Bitsy.

 2) They Could Help Stroke Victims


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It might sound unlikely, but it’s actually true. Researchers from the University of Queensland and Monash University have tapped into the magic of the deadly funnel web spider and found something incredibly useful.

The venom of this native Australian spider has a protein in it that’s key. It’s been found to minimize brain damage after a stroke in mice, and researchers are hopeful that it can do the same in humans.

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While the findings, which were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, have yet to be finalized, scientists say that they show “great promise as a future stroke treatment”.

If it works, maybe we’ll finally have some real, live Spider-Men walking around.

 3) They Can Help Treat Chronic Pain


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Scientists have also found that spider venom might be good for treating chronic pain and diseases like muscular dystrophy.

Certain attributes in spider venom can help to block the channels in our brain that allow us to feel pain.

Cross your fingers- if it works it could be a miracle for many. The statistics on chronic pain are rather steep.

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Never-ending pain is said to affect 20% of people worldwide and can amazingly cost society more than cancer, diabetes and stroke combined. Yikes.

4) They Can Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease


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Losing your mind as you age isn’t something that has to happen. Rumor has it that a certain peptide in the protein of some spider venom can help treat the decay of Alzheimer’s disease. It uncertain exactly how it works, but the power of spiders seems to be able to take on anything, so why not dementia? Science is said to be working on it.

Spiders are amazing and researchers say they’ve only just scratched the surface of what could be possible, medically. Who knows what other secrets lie waiting in the dust.

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