Women Are More Attracted to Men After Listening to Music: Study

Women Are More Attracted to Men After Listening to Music: Study

Are you listening to rock, rap or classical? It could affect who might become your partner.

Have you ever wondered why music can play such a great role in dating? What bands a person likes, what concerts they’ve been to, the songs playing at the bar when you first met- it all can play a seemingly important role in your likelihood to hook up.

Well, researchers now have some answers to the puzzle. Or, at least some pieces in it.

Scientists from the University of Vienna recently published the results of a study involving men, women and music. They found that women rated photos of male faces as being more attractive, and said they were more likely to date the men after they’d listened to some music.

What if it was “highly arousing” music? There was even more sexual attraction.

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Curiously, the effect only took place with women. (I guess somehow we’re engineered to be more musically gullible). The male participants didn’t seem to show any increased sexual attraction to pictures of women, once music was played.

What good are the results? The findings could start to unravel why it is that many cultures invest so much time and money to making music, the researchers feel.

Why do we put so much value on great singers? Why does it matter if Taylor Swift is singing with Metallica?

Helmut Leder from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Vienna believes it could be that music is somehow affecting our visual perception of faces.

Now, if they can just unravel why it is that there are so many guys at heavy metal concerts and girls listening to Disney classics we’d be crackin’.

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