Not Sure What to Eat? This Company Uses Your DNA to Plan Your Meals

Not Sure What to Eat? This Company Uses Your DNA to Plan Your Meals

Looking for healthy pre-made meals made just for you? Look no further – a company will make meals for you based on your DNA.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the market for a personal chef, or maybe you’d like occasional healthy, made-to-order meals, you might want to look at Habit.

This company is revolutionizing how you eat but taking their recipes right down to your DNA.

For a fee of about $300 up front, Habit will take a test sample of your DNA and a blood sample to get started.


The company uses Aegis, a CLIA and CAP certified lab to analyze your biological info for nutritional biomarkers. This, Habit says, gives a “full picture of how all the systems in your body work together.”

From here, it uses this information, as well as self-reported statements on your health goals and something called the Nutrition Intelligence Engine, to pinpoint exactly which nutrients you need most and therefore, what you should be eating.

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Habit then tailor-makes nutrition-packed meals to be delivered to your very own doorstep. How’s that for service?

Enthusiasts can connect with other Habit clients and wellness-seekers online through Habit’s app, to stay abreast of the community and how others feel about their food.


Could this the wave of the future for nutritional advice? Maybe. Apparently the company’s business plan was so convincing that Campbell Soups decided to invest $32 million in the venture.

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Habit launched in the fall of 2016, and will begin offering its services in full in early 2017.

Maybe you’re happy with your diet, or feel that your DNA isn’t holding any further secrets that a balanced approach to eating doesn’t already know, but maybe not.

If you’re curious, join the wait list and find out if avocado and quinoa salad should really be your true go-to.

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