Meet Pillo, Your Family’s Personal Pharmacy

Meet Pillo, Your Family’s Personal Pharmacy

Would you trust this face to handle your family’s medications?

Health startup Pillo Health hopes so, being the brains behind Pillo the personal robot. The artificially intelligent robot uses face and voice recognition to manage an entire family’s medication schedule.

Pillo can hold up to 250 pills in its tamper-proof protector, which Pillo Health equates to roughly four weeks of meds. When Pillo is running low on medication, it can even be programmed to re-order a recurring subscription.

Part of Pillo’s AI tells it to lock out anyone trying to access the medication, only giving up the goods if a user passes the robot’s voice and face recognition.

“Our goal was never to build a smart device. From the very beginning we set out to create ‘someone’, ­a true healthcare companion for the home,” CEO and co­founder Emanuele Musini told the Daily Mail.

“Consumers these days want more control over every aspect of their lives, from their diet, to the way they travel and the way they share and access information.

“Their personal health is no different.”

Pillo also has the amazing capacity to converse with owners, learning as it goes along. Its multi-directional speakers and microphones effortlessly picks up sound.

“He can answer your health and wellness questions, connect you directly with healthcare professionals, and securely manage your vitamins and medication; storing, dispensing, and even ordering refills when you need them,” the project website says.

“And he’s intelligent, so his functionalities will grow as he learns about you and your family.”

The personal pharmacy is currently being showcased on IndieGogo, where the company is targeting $75,000 for their fundraising campaign. Pillo will retail for $599 when it’s released in June 2017, or can be had for $269 if you back their fundraiser. A phone app that manages supplement and medication schedules will accompany the robot, but is currently in the beta testing phase.

Pillo will ship worldwide beginning next July.

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