Top Tips From Experts on How to Tackle Hypertension Without Medication

Top Tips From Experts on How to Tackle Hypertension Without Medication

Adjust your lifestyle to include everyday healthy habits and you may be surprised at the result.

Hypertension can cause heart disease and damage your kidneys. It’s also closely linked to certain types of dementia, and as something that puts considerable extra strain on your heart, it’s a condition to be avoided.

Taking medication daily is one way to treat the problem. Doctors have found though that for some patients, making lifestyle changes can actually get to the source of the problem profound results.

How can you treat hypertension at home? Here are some top tips from the Mayo Clinic.

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1) Exercise

Getting about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day can be enough to bring your blood pressure back down into the safe zone. Swimming, jogging, cycling, and walking all count.

Get yourself into strength training, as well, for the best results. Always consult your doctor for the best program to follow.

2) Boost Your Potassium

Eat healthy foods, and keep track of it. Consider eating more potassium through things like bananas, which can lessen the effect of sodium in your blood.

3) Reduce Your Stress

Chronic problems? Try your best to reduce the stress present in your daily life. It can lead to the persistence of bad habits, and raise your blood pressure,

4) Increase Your Support System

Having a supportive network of people around can help keep you healthy. They can provide motivation to change and maintain your daily habits, help you with tasks that may be too much for you alone, and keep you connected.

5) Quit Smoking

It’s a fact: cigarettes kill. Quitting is always good for your heart health. Why not today?


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