How to Help Yourself Quit Tobacco This May

How to Help Yourself Quit Tobacco This May

Delay the next cigarette and take yourself to the movies, where a good story line and no-smoking laws can support your quest to be tobacco-fee.

World No Tobacco Day is coming around again, and organizers are sending out a call for action. May 31st marks the day. It’s the perfect time to take that leap and face your journey in quitting tobacco.

What’s one of the best steps to take? Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that those who choose to quit have an 84% increased chance of success after meeting with their doctor, and receiving a strong recommendation that it’s a good idea. Frankly, I can’t think of any doctor worth their salt who would say that quitting tobacco products is a bad thing to do. Consider consulting your physician for a solid pep talk. It could be the ultimate support that triggers your success.

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For other, more specific tactics, experts advise you try nicotine replacement therapy. It can help you reach your goal with a smoother transition. Patches, gums and lozenges can do wonders. Some also say that if you delay answering the call of your cravings and visit smoke-free public places while under their spell, it will help curb them.

Get active, go online for support, and don’t give in and have “just one” cigarette, as it rarely is, and could set you back considerably. When push comes to shove, relax and take a moment to remind yourself of the benefits a smoke-free life will bring to you and those you love.

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