This New Drug Could Take Away Your Migraines Completely

This New Drug Could Take Away Your Migraines Completely

Migraines are horrible but a new drug is changing the landscape of treatment.

If you suffer from migraines, you know how difficult they can be. Days are lost-sometimes weeks- and life can come to a standstill while you’re forced to deal with your pain.

A new drug out of Washington state has hopefully just changed this reality.


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Alder Biopharmaceutical has developed a drug called Eptinezumab, that’s said to stop migraines from happening before they start. It’s still in the final round of development, but researchers are hopeful.

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The drug has yet to be approved by the FDA but developers are looking at the possibility of having it fast-tracked through federal approval processes and having the preventive treatment available to consumers in the next two to three years.

How It Works


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Reports don’t currently indicate exactly what makes Eptinezumab tick and how it functions in the body to prevent migraines.

What IS known is that the drug is being administered to clinical trial patients intravenously, by visiting a doctor’s office.

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The great thing is that it only needs to be administered for about 30 minutes, three or four times a year, to be effective.

So far, participants are said to be responding well to the treatment, and even finding it life changing.


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“I literally woke up, days on end for about twelve weeks with no pain,” said Leilani Ash to, in an interview. “And the first several days that I woke up with no pain, I cried. Because I could get up and I could do something, I could be reliable. I could go to dinner with my kids, and I could play with my grandkids,” she added.

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Researchers say the drug won’t eliminate all migraines for everyone, but it will decrease the amount of migraines sufferers have and for some, they will disappear completely.

Which is great news. Migraines currently affect 33 million people in the U.S each year.

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