Are Your Chronic Migraines All About Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Are Your Chronic Migraines All About Heavy Metal Toxicity?

by Victoria Simpson

Do you suffer from chronic migraines? Do you find yourself reaching for Advil Migraine too often? New research out of Turkey could have some helpful findings that may make the massive headaches subside.

A new study conducted by researchers at Yuzuncu Yil University in Turkey uncovered heavy metal toxicity as a new possible cause for migraines.

While their sample was small- researchers studied blood samples from 50 patients-their findings indicate a common pattern amongst migraine sufferers.

When studying blood samples, researchers found that those participants who suffered from chronic migraines had substantially higher levels of heavy metals in their blood when compared with non-sufferers. These include such metals as cadmium, iron, lead and manganese.


Sufferers were also found to be generally deficient in certain trace minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc.

According to Wikipedia, migraines are currently generally believed to be caused by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors, with about two-thirds of cases running in families.

Science has yet to determine the exact cause-or solution- but it is thought in traditional medicine that changing hormone levels might play a part in causing the debilitating head pressure, as well as an over-excitable cerebral cortex and abnormal control of pain neurons in the brainstem.

Sounds complicated. But it’s commonly known that most things in life are about maintaining balance. And when, for many reasons, we don’t have that in the body, inflammation can occur and bring on problems.

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“Interestingly, when the body is deficient [in] a particular type of mineral, our metabolism will typically substitute another type of mineral for that function-one with a similar atomic configuration,” writes Case Adams for GreenMedInfo, and is quoted on

“This substitution often leads to suppressed metabolism-which can result in greater amounts of inflammation and greater fatigue, stress-and now we can say- (perhaps) a greater risk of migraines.”

While reports don’t indicate if the Turkish findings have been published in a peer reviewed medical journal or not, perhaps they are worth looking into.

A consultation with your doctor, dietician or naturopathic doctor might help to examine your diet and environment for mineral deficiencies and heavy metal culprits. reports that in the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines, with about 2-3 million people being chronic sufferers.


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