The Best Home Remedies for Constipation

The Best Home Remedies for Constipation

Water, fibre, exercise, and a simple cup of coffee may do the trick.

Many people find themselves constipated from time to time. Needless to say, constipation is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. If you aren’t accustomed to consuming enough fiber in your diet, or something else is causing you to feel “obstructed”, you can call on your doctor for help. Before doing so, however, you might wish to try solving your problem at home using some telltale remedies. Many cases of constipation are fixed with a bit more fiber, water, and exercise.

Here are some of the most well-known, tried-and-true ways to stimulate a bowel movement on your own.

Drink more water

According to experts, if you’re having three or fewer bowel movements every week, you can consider yourself to be constipated. If you need to strain to have a bowel movement and it’s hard to get things out, you might feel like you aren’t emptying your body properly.

It shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful to poop. It’s important to know that sometimes you can be stopped up simply because you’re dehydrated. Drink a couple of glasses of water and see if this helps. Warm water in the morning can sometimes be enough to get your system going. Stay hydrated to avoid constipation in general, and you might feel a world of difference.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide you with fiber, which helps make pooping easier. Fiber helps your stool bulk up which makes it move through the pathways of your intestines at a faster pace. A nice big salad with a balanced dinner can be helpful and make your system run more smoothly the next morning. Pears, prunes, chickpeas, and oatmeal are also foods with high fiber counts.

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Consider a laxative or stool softener

Yes, you can purchase a laxative without a prescription. There are different types, however, and so talking to your doctor about what’s best for you to take can be helpful. Some laxatives soften things by pulling water into your intestines while others stimulate the walls of your intestines to contract, helping to move your stool along.

A stool softener is often paired with a laxative and can be a good option if you have tried the other options on this list but you aren’t seeing the results you seek.

Drink a cup of coffee

Caffeinated coffee has been shown to be up to 60% more effective than water at stimulating the muscles in your digestive tract in a way that results in a bowel movement. Decaf isn’t as effective but it can also help.

Get more exercise

Finally, a brisk walk around the block can also help stimulate a bowel movement. Exercise is beneficial on so many fronts, so get moving and reap the benefits.

If you’ve tried these home remedies and you still feel constipated, talk with your doctor. Frequent or constant constipation requires professional attention and isn’t something to ignore. Get help and stay healthy.

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