Are 3D Digital Images Bad for Your Eyes?

Are 3D Digital Images Bad for Your Eyes?

We all love 3D movies. 3D video games and other digital images can be a huge draw for kids and some adults, alike. But what are they really doing to your eyes?

Nintendo released a warning way back in 2010 that encouraged parents to prevent their children under the age of 6 years old from prolonged viewing of their images. The reality is, though, there are no longer-term studies done on 3D images and their effect on our eyes.

So what can the public conclude?


The American Academy of Ophthamology sees it as coming down to the individual. When it comes to children, the academy states that their eyes are stimulated in daily social and natural environments, which is likely enough to promote normal eye development. Albeit, if a child were to go around wearing those funny 3D glasses from the theater at all times, the outcome may be different.

But as it stands, it looks like exposing ourselves to digital 3D images is probably OK.

If a person consistently develops headaches or tired eyes, or they cannot see the images onscreen clearly when viewing 3D digital images, it could be a sign that a vision disorder is at play, state the experts.

Without conclusive studies, it could be the case that Nintendo was simply covering their bases and being legally conservative with their earlier statement.

If negative symptoms develop in your eyes after viewing 3D digital images, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a visit to an eye doctor for a comprehensive exam by an ophthalmologist.



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