These Are the Countries With the Most Meat Eaters

These Are the Countries With the Most Meat Eaters

English-speaking areas reign when it comes to carnivores.

A sizzling steak, a juicy burger, chicken that almost literally melts off the stick: meat rocks. Especially when hunger strikes and your saliva won’t stop.  

But eating it isn’t always the best recipe for your overall health, and those who want to save the planet for another generation say that most of us need to cut back..

But it isn’t easy. If you live in a country that consumes a lot of meat, it’s part of the culture.

How does your home rate, compared to others? According to, the greatest amount of meat eaters in the world are resting their heads in Australia, the United States and Argentina. (If the last one comes as a surprise, perhaps you’ve never had Argentinian beef…delish).

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Canada, most of South America (minus Peru and Guyana), South Africa, European countries, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China and other parts of Asia come readily in second.

In the vast majority of Africa, India, the ‘Stans’ and South Asia however, meat consumption remains very low. Some of this is due to religious outlooks, but a great deal also has to do with the fact that meat remains a luxury in these parts of the world.  

In the U.S, people are eating poultry as a main source of meat. Pork comes second, and beef in third. This is better news for the environment, as chickens are have the lowest impact on the environment, compared with cows and pigs, with cows being the most.

For easy meat alternatives, turn to cheese, beans, lentils and soy products.

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