This is When Your Baby Should Start to Babble

This is When Your Baby Should Start to Babble

Every child is different, but some general bench marks are good to keep in mind.

Every parent loves to hear their baby’s first signs of talking. Babbling is some of the cutest stuff to come from infants. Should you be concerned, however, if little one is relatively quiet, besides crying?

Advice varies on when babies should start ‘conversing’. Generally speaking, most babies being turning those adorable cooing sounds into sounds that start with consonants like ‘b’,  ‘p’ and ‘m’ around 4 to 6 months old. A lot of ‘ba ba’, ‘ma ma’ and ‘puh puh’ often happens. Some kids draw this out at night, just when you’re trying to get them to sleep, and others do it all day long.

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According to experts, at around 1 year, your child will likely string long nonsense sounds together, and by 15 months they’ll likely speak their very first real word. Hopefully you’re the first one to hear it!

When should you worry, if ever? Children vary as much as adults in terms of skills. If nothing discernible is coming out of their mouth by 15 months, talk to your pediatrician. It could be that words are just around the corner, or it could be the perfect time for a speech pathologist to give some advice, in order to get things on track.

When in doubt, always mention your worries to your doctor. And be sure to talk up a storm, and read all the bedtime stories aloud that you like- it will pay off.

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