Is Your Man Taking Care of You?

Is Your Man Taking Care of You?

It turns out he can do it, and just as well if not better, than you can.

Women are the famed caregivers. We’re known for making dinner, (unfortunately), tending to the wounded, bringing out the Tylenol when needed, buying the groceries and keeping the bathroom at least somewhat usable. Most of the time.

Plainly put, we want our tribe to succeed and thrive. And we need them to be healthy and well to do it.

But a new study out of the University of Oxford is putting a new spin on these stereotypes. Men, they’re finding, at least when it comes to spouses, can be just as good at care-giving. (Hooray! Let the news be known to all from coast to coast!)

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It was found that when a man’s spouse falls ill, they can become just as good at caring for their partner as women are.

In fact, men become better caregivers later in life than previous research suggests.

In a study published in Journals of Gerontology, Series B, it was discovered that when a spouse is only slightly unwell in heterosexual couples, women still spend more time doing the housework and running errands, compared with their spouses.

But when a spouse becomes seriously ill, men increase the time they spend on chores, doing just as good a job as their female counterparts.

So, thank you men, for caring when it matters most. As the researchers point out, we women needn’t worry.

Now, if we could just get them to make some toast and get the mail when we’re feeling fine…

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