The Five Best—and Weirdest—Cures for Hangovers

The Five Best—and Weirdest—Cures for Hangovers

Let it be known right from the get-go: scientists claim that there is no real ‘cure’ for a morning hangover. Besides drinking less alcohol, but anyone can surmise as much.

That doesn’t mean some remedies won’t make you feel better, or act as a little pick-me-up at least. And some people swear by their hangover-cure rituals claiming they indeed do the trick.

From a greasy McDonald’s breakfast to chugging Powerade, everyone has their method. If none of your friend’s ones work for you though, here are five unorthodox methods of getting rid of those next-day headaches:

IV Drips

hangover1Though scientists claim there’s no true cure for hangovers, IV drips could be as close as it gets. Replenishing electrolytes and vitamins counters dehydration – the main cause of hangovers – caused from binge drinking the night before. Restoring your body’s natural balance of electrolytes and vitamins directly through the blood stream seems to be the quickest route to feeling normal again.

If you can get your hands on a ‘Banana Bag’, that’d be ideal. Also known as a rally pack, it contains IV fluids with vitamins and minerals that are used to replenish nutritional deficiencies or correct chemical imbalances in the body.

Pickle Juice

hangover2Here’s an odd one. Apparently, many drinkers are dedicated pickle juice harvesters, too.

According to Oprah Winfrey’s favourite doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, pickle juice contain salts that “help replenish your electrolytes and put your body back in balance.” This is similar to using an IV drip to rebuild electrolytes, except it probably tastes, much, much worse.


hangover3This is a hydration formula for children which – you guessed it – aims at restoring the lost electrolytes and hydration from a drunken body. It’s given to kids when they’re sick and need to replenish nutrients.

Similar to why Gatorade feels like a good beverage post-binging, it counters extreme dehydration. Gatorade is loaded with sugars though, while pedialyte is actually recommended by doctors to perform this function when you’re sick.

Even they recognize what some of their demographic was purchasing their product for, launching a campaign in May this year targeting hungover adults.


The most elusive item on this list, take this remedy with a grain of salt.

Irn-Bru is a Scottish soft drink packed with iron, and is known around its hometown as the ultimate cure for hangovers.

As one user eloquently put it: “If the Scots thinks it helps the morning after, they’re probably on to something.”


hangover5This topical cure could be in abundance at this time of year, depending on your location.

Again, it helps with dehydration; the cold can also fight sinuses, and help against nausea so you can actually stomach some food that day.

Ice lollies are a similar cure if you feel like spending money, as the slow intake of water and sugar to rehydrate the body appears to help with the aforementioned nausea.

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