How Much Bacteria is On Your Phone?

How Much Bacteria is On Your Phone?

It’s probably much dirtier than you imagine. Keeping it clean with a cloth or a UV sanitizer is your best bet.

You have it in your hands all day, place it down on cafeteria tables, bring it with you to the bathroom and share it willingly with friends: your cell phone. So just how dirty does it get?

Disgustingly, according to scientists at the University of Arizona did a study and found that the average cell phone actually has about 10 times more bacteria on it than a toilet seat.

Pathogens such as Streptococus, MRSA and E.coli have all been found on cell phones. (Maybe that’s how I got that terrible stomachache after a service call last spring. Personal tip: never type your contact info into a plumber’s cell phone with your own hands, for future calls. Gross).

So, how can you stay clean? Using a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dirt and germs every so often is  good practice. This will get most of the offending culprits off your phone.

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If you want a shinier, deeper clean, soak your cloth in a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol, wring it out and wipe it lightly across your device. Avoid sprays, which can mess up all that internal hardware, and cause more trouble than they’re worth.

If you can’t trust liquids at all and you really want to go at it, get a portable UV phone sanitizer and let light rays kill the bad guys. It’s the same technology used to disinfect instruments in hospital settings.

And remember: wash your hands with soap and water frequently, which is truly your best defense.

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