Recognize the Subtle Hints Your Body is Telling You

Recognize the Subtle Hints Your Body is Telling You

If you think about it, our bodies accomplish incredible things all on their own (pffft, it doesn’t need your permission).

For example, metabolism? Your body’s got that. Temperature control? Check. Healing? Don’t worry about it. Organ function? Covered.

But, your body’s auto-pilot nature doesn’t mean it’s not trying to communicate with you from time to time. Like a car equipped with tons of warning indicators, your body is similarly built with plenty of indicators, too – if you know how to listen and know where to look. Here are three examples of subtle hints your body is trying to tell you.

Cold Hands = You’re Stressed Out

You probably don’t read too much into cold hands – it’s probably just a result of the temperature around you.

But it could also mean you’re stressing out big time. When you feel a heightened sense of stress or anxiety, your nervous system can overextend, causing blood vessels to constrict and inhibit normal circulation. So rather than searching for mittens when your hands are chilly, try a few deep breaths first and calm those anxious thoughts.

An Aching Jaw = You Could Have Lyme Disease


Lyme disease is one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose; if you think you have Lyme disease, note how your jaw is feeling. If you ever experience chronic pain that comes and goes in that region, it may indeed be the tick-borne virus.

Medical professionals may diagnose that jaw pain as TMJ—or “temporal mandibular joint disorder” —your body may be trying to warn you it’s more serious, so be sure to bring up and ask about Lyme disease especially.

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Blinking a Lot = You Have a Crush

According to body language expert Blake Eastman, blink rates increase when we’re emotionally excited. When you’re feeling attracted to someone, your blinking will probably go off the charts, exceeding 10 blinks per minute.

If you can’t stop batting your eyes, our diagnosis is – you’ve got a crush.

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