What Wearing High Heels Is Doing To Your Feet

What Wearing High Heels Is Doing To Your Feet

So you’ve just bought those shiny new pair of heels you’ve had your on eye on for a while now and can’t wait to slip them on.  Well, maybe free up your feet for a few minutes as the negative effects on your feet may outweigh the fashion, new research suggests.

For women who wear heels on a regular basis, the negative impact on your feet goes beyond the odd blister or bunion, according to a study by researchers at Hanseo University in South Korea and published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

The researchers looked into the effect of wearing high heels regularly on women’s feet. For the study, they assessed 40 professional women who wore heels at a height of 10cm or higher at least three times a week.

After taking measurements to assess their ankle strength, they found that after wearing heels regularly for between one to three years led to the main muscles in the ankle becoming dominant.

This ‘muscular imbalance’ could lead to an increase the risk of ankle sprains and even serious falls, the researchers said.

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