Peeing Too Much? Here’s the Best Way to Treat Your Bladder

Peeing Too Much? Here’s the Best Way to Treat Your Bladder

Your bladder is an important part of your body. The thing is, it kind of goes unnoticed, until you’re peeing like every 10 minutes.

How can you keep it healthy? An overactive bladder can be caused by many things. It could be that you’re drinking too many liquids, have tumors or bladder stones, diabetes, a neurological disorder or difficulty walking, the list goes on.

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Always talk to your doctor if you think you have to pee too much. You should check it out.

The good news is that by making some simple adjustments in your diet, you might help to keep things in check, on your own.


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How? Try fiber, for instance. If you increase your fiber intake, you could be less likely to be constipated, and less likely to have your colon pressing on your bladder, making you want to pee.

Whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal, fruits and veggies can all help in this department. Are you getting enough? Add some in.

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Also, if you find yourself drinking a lot of coffee, it could be good to cut back. Coffee is a diuretic because of its caffeine content, and so you’re going to have to go the bathroom more, when you drink it.

Drink about half a cup a day only, and see if this reduces your symptoms.

And watch out for chocolate and cola- their both caffeine mules.

As for alcohol, it’s also a diuretic, so cutting back could be useful. Check with your doctor. Gain peace of mind and avoid all the pit stops.

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