3 Ways Diet Soda Can Change Your Body

3 Ways Diet Soda Can Change Your Body

The introduction of artificial sweeteners took grocery stores by storm; it was seemingly the answer to everyone’s cries for a fizzy drink that could go along sweet snacks, without packing on the calories.

At least that’s what everyone initially believed.

But once no- and low-caloric sweeteners dominated the marketplace, researchers began thoroughly studying its effects. Looking back, it’s clear that calorie-free drinks aren’t as healthy as we all assumed.

Here are three ways diet soda can change your body for the worst:

Changes in Your Gut

A 2014 study published in the science journal Nature, found fake sweeteners can actually change how your body processes sugar.

Artificial sweeteners can change your intestines microbiome, leading to increases in glucose intolerance. The study confirmed this in animal test subjects, which was enough evidence that the gut response was extremely likely in healthy human subjects.

More Weight & Belly Fat


People think drinking diet soda helps them lose weight, but it may be having the opposite effect.

A 2015 study published in the American Journal of Geriatrics Society showed older Americans who drank diet soda every day over a nine-year span, ended the study with waist circumferences, on average, that were roughly three inches larger than those who didn’t drink diet soda.

Higher Risk of Diabetes

You’d think sugar-free drinks shouldn’t change your body’s response to sugar, but there appears to be a link between the two.

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The American Diabetes Association journal, Diabetes Care, published a study in 2009 that found people who drank diet soda daily had a 67% greater risk of developing diabetes. But, the study did acknowledge that you can’t establish causality between diet soda consumption and type 2 diabetes.

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