All About Yummy Cheese Made From Humans

All About Yummy Cheese Made From Humans

Here’s how you can make cheese from humans, and why this is a good thing.

If you didn’t hear about when it came around the first time, here’s your chance. It’s time to catch up on some smelly news.

Back in 2014, something pretty gross hit the headlines. Human cheese. What’s it all about?

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Well, you know when your feet smell funky, and you run your finger between your toes to get the gunk out and it smells like… gorgonzola?

That’s because it, well, kind of IS.

It turns out that the bacteria that live on our skin work in the same way as those that make cheese.

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When you sweat, bacteria chew up the sugars in your perspiration, and produce interesting smells along with acid. That acid curdles, producing chunks (curds) that you can press into cheese.

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Scientists have used the grossness in between our toes, from armpits, bellybuttons and even our mouths to make what they call “food for thought”. The cheese made in these experiments isn’t intended to be eaten,  but rather to make us think about the bacteria on our bodies in a different way.

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If it can make something you can eat on crackers, maybe it’s not so bad!

It all links back to the human biome- the bacteria that cover our bodies. It’s been the center of new studies, recently.

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Scientists are discovering more and more about the bacteria inside and outside our bodies, and how and why they are important for our overall health.

Some studies have even shown that if you shower too often, and get rid of these micro creatures, it can actually be bad for you.

And apparently, Howard Stern and gang have even gotten in on the idea, in their own way. Gross, but kind of intriguing.

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