Nestlé Accused of Using Slave-Caught Fish in Fancy Feast

Nestlé Accused of Using Slave-Caught Fish in Fancy Feast

A class-action lawsuit filed by California residents claims that Nestlé purchases fish from a Thai supplier known to use slave labor. Nestlé’s Fancy Feast cat food is said to be using that fish.

The suit comes from four consumers who stated they would’ve never bought the product if they were aware of Nestlé’s affiliation to the Thai supplier, according to Bloomberg.

Steve Berman, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said, “By hiding this from public view, Nestlé has effectively tricked millions of consumers into supporting and encouraging slave labor on floating prisons.

“It’s a fact that the thousands of purchasers of its top-selling pet food products would not have bought this brand had they known the truth -– that hundreds of individuals are enslaved, beaten or even murdered in the production of its pet food.”

Nestlé has no comment on the suit at this time. However, they are said to be working with the NGO “to identify where and why forced labor and human rights abuses may be taking place”, and that forced labor “has no place in our supply chain.”

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