What to Eat If You’re an Older Man

What to Eat If You’re an Older Man

Shouldn’t food be the same for both men and women? Yes and no. Here’s what to eat, guys.

As you’re probably keenly aware of by now, men and women are two different types of people, with different bodily needs. As men and women age, the body changes, but in different ways and what you eat can reflect that.

In general, as an aging man, just as with women, you probably require fewer calories to get around during your day. This is due to your body’s slowing metabolism and a (possibly) increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

The good news is that you can make fewer trips to the grocery store and still stay stocked up on the essentials. You want to keep reaching for healthy, nutritious foods that will ensure the factory pumps along as it should.

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Speaking of which, fiber is your new best friend. How can you get more? Go for fruits and veggies as a snack, and oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. Drinking enough water can also help, as it’s easy to be dehydrated and not notice.

You don’t need to grab for the tofu and soybeans as some of the women may be doing, in order to balance their estrogen, (although it’s not going to do you much harm if you do).

What to avoid? The usual. Tempted as you may be to load up on luncheon meats and rib eye steaks, resist.

It’s only going to clog your arteries.

Do reach for the vitamin D- unless you’re in the sun often, hopefully wearing a hat and sunscreen-and dairy foods for strong bones.

And when it comes to iron-rich foods, talk to your doctor. These are things like red meat, spinach and iron fortified foods.  As life goes on, some men have too much of it in their system, and others too little. Find out what’s right for you, and stay healthy.

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