3 Mental Health Apps to Help You Feel Better and Do More

3 Mental Health Apps to Help You Feel Better and Do More

Having a gray day? Sometimes your phone can have the tools to heal what hurts.

Professionals are divided on whether or not mental health apps really work, but one thing is for certain: they’re popular. And what harm is there in trying to connect with help, breathe a little more, and share your troubles?

Here are 3 mental health apps now on the market:

1) Breathe2Relax Free on both iOS and Android devices

Sometimes life brings nothing but stress. Going for a long walk, riding a bike or engaging in some other form of exercise can be a great way find release. If it’s hard to find the motivation, interest or time, deep breathing can also help to manage your anxiety.

Breathe2Relax leads users through breathing exercises designed specifically to manage stress, stabilize your mood, and reduce anger.

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2) Talk Space free on both iOS and Android devices

Talk Space offers users online therapy and marriage counseling. It’s cheaper than traditional therapy done in person, and is a great tool for those who can’t access help in their area. Over 1000 licensed therapists are on-hand to offer advice and help in a wide variety of topics.

Therapy starts at $32/week and will provide you with 1 or 2 written responses from your therapist per week, with the opportunity to schedule a video chat, if you need.

3) AnxietyCoach $6.99 iOS

If fear is keeping you from progressing, Anxiety Coach can help. This app designed by The Mayo Clinic has users make a list of the activities that are causing apprehension, and provides ideas on how to approach and master them. Results come from making a plan and tracking progress over time.

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