3 Ways Testosterone Therapy Can Significantly Help Older Men

3 Ways Testosterone Therapy Can Significantly Help Older Men

It’s natural to lose testosterone as you age but if you develop a deficiency, replacement therapy could be just what you need.

So, women go through menopause and men are off the hook, right? Well, sort of but not entirely.

It’s widely known that men’s testosterone levels dropping as they age, and as the male body grows older, everything doesn’t always tick along as it used to. Just as it is for women, this isn’t such a surprise. I mean, most people can’t run the track as they used to or live up to the locker room rumors once they reach a certain age, can they?

With men though, changes don’t come in the form of hot flashes or the inability to make babies anymore. It’s all about the big T.

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This can come with symptoms that creep in more subtly, and for many men, the decline happens slowly over time. Often, there aren’t any noticeable problems or symptoms.

For others though, it happens with a thunder clap and the losses can add up to a testosterone deficiency (TD), something that’s called male hypogonadism.

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction, low energy, fatigue, a depressed mood or an increased risk of developing diabetes? You may have TD, then.

If so, here are 3 ways a new study from Boston University Medical Center has found testosterone replacement therapy could help you:

1) You’ll Wake Up Less At Night to Pee and Have Improved Urinary Health

Testosterone replacement therapy can benefit older men.

By getting more testosterone in your system,  you’ll likely find that you don’t have to pee so frequently, you no longer wake up at night to visit the loo, and you can empty your bladder more fully.

Great news.

2) You’ll Have Better Erections

In addition to having more control over your urinary habits, you may find your sexual health also increases. It can become easier to obtain an erection and to maintain it, something many men will undoubtedly be happy to hear.

3) Your Overall Quality of Life Can Increase

Having to pee all the time and experiencing low sexual function can be a bummer. It’s a natural progression then that with these things in order, your quality of life can develop as well.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ve got a yacht all of a sudden and you’re heading to the Bahamas for the winter on an open ocean.  If you can swing it though, go for it. Your horizons could look rosier overall, though. And who doesn’t like a beautiful sunset?

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