Ski Season Is Coming: Watch This Video for the Best Way to Build Your Legs

Ski Season Is Coming: Watch This Video for the Best Way to Build Your Legs

Have your legs turned to jello with all that time spent on the computer? Mine have. It’s time to ship-shape up, or at least get a little bit stronger for the coming ski season, so there are no broken bones, knock on wood.

But getting to the gym isn’t always easy or even possible. If you don’t have an accessible one nearby, you’re studying all the time or you’ve got young ones at home, it can be tricky. This workout video introduces simple and effective exercises to do at home- or at the office, on break, if you can.

The video isn’t long because the full sets aren’t shown, and it isn’t for aerobic exercise, which should be done in spurts of 20 minutes or more, but for strengthening, toning and building muscle. It’s called the Love Your Legs Workout, and it makes you do just that.

Remember to hold another chair or the wall for support, if needed.

As the blurb says on, all you need is a chair, a towel, a 5 lb dumbbell and…yourself. Easy. Oh, and a slippery, non-carpeted floor, and a stair or raised step for two of the exercises.

It’s recommended that you do this workout every-other-day for a total of three times a week, and that you rest for 30 seconds between sets.

Hopefully it can get you some of the results you’re looking for. Dedication is key, and remember: success happens in small steps. It takes months!

I’m going to give it a shot- let us know how it’s going for you, if you do, too.

Remember, it’s said that women build muscle more slowly than men, so be patient if you’re of the fairer sex. That tone will come!



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