Man Suffers Huge Bruises in Arizona Following a Suspected Spider Bite

Man Suffers Huge Bruises in Arizona Following a Suspected Spider Bite

He’s not sure what bit him, but it definitely left a nasty reminder of how powerful arachnids can be.

Spider bites are no joke. If you live in a cooler climate, getting one can simply mean you’ve got an itchy bump, much like a mosquito bite, to deal with for a few days. But if you call some of the warmer areas home in North America, you’d better watch out.

You never know just how serious it could get, and it can all happen in an instant.

Take the story of Thomas Jay from Chandler, Arizona. He says he was taking out the trash recently, when something bit him on the arm. He thinks it looked like something called a camel spider or wind scorpion, but he says he isn’t sure exactly what it was that went after him.

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But he wishes he did, as he’s since been hospitalized with a left arm covered in bruises and full of excruciating pain that jumps around to different places on his arm. Doctors are pretty much guessing how to treat him, and are taking biopsies and blood samples while monitoring his vitals to make sure he’s OK.

It’s been almost two weeks since Jay suffered the bite, and he’s recovering slowly but steadily. His injuries are a reminder that small bits of hidden danger can be sitting in such innocent places as your own garage, backyard or basement.

For a list of poisonous spiders by state click here. If you suspect you may have been bitten by something, seek immediate medical attention- spider venom can be vicious and you might not have much time to spare. You’ll probably be OK, but don’t mess with nature- get yourself to a hospital and stay safe.

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