How Meditating Helps You Catch Up on Lost Sleep

How Meditating Helps You Catch Up on Lost Sleep

If you do a bit every day, you’re gaining over half an hour of “rest” each week.

Sleep is the best way to get the rest you need. It remains undisputed that in order to optimize your health, you should always strive to get the shuteye you need. It helps you to maintain clear thinking, and to rejuvenate your physical body.

But when you can’t do this, there’s an alternative. Researchers from Oregon State University are now saying that if you meditate, you may reap the benefits of sleeping. In fact, by practicing mindfulness for as little as 10 minutes a day, every day, you could be getting the same rest as 44 minutes of extra sleep each week.

“You can’t replace sleep with mindfulness exercises, but they might help compensate and provide a degree of relief,” said Charles Murnieks, an assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship in OSU’s College of Business and the study’s lead author.

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Entrepreneurs from around the U.S participated in Murnieks’ study. They reported their levels of exhaustion, how much they got each night, and whether or not they practiced mindfulness and for how long.

Some results were predictable. It was found that more than 40% of participants were working long hours and not getting enough sleep. This is to be expected with anyone running their own business.

Surprisingly though, those entrepreneurs who engaged in the highest levels of mindfulness had lower levels of reported exhaustion. Their levels matched those of participants who were getting more sleep.

You can’t run on empty for long and expect your meditation session to replenish your stores. It could, however, reduce the impact of your stressors before you declare yourself exhausted, and give you one last lap around the track when you need it most.

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