This Man Received the First Penis Transplant Ever In the U.S

This Man Received the First Penis Transplant Ever In the U.S

Thomas Manning, a 64-year-old man from Halifax, Mass., has become the first man ever to receive a penis transplant on U.S soil.

Manning had to have his penis removed during a battle with cancer and is now the recipient of a new one, accepted from a deceased donor.

While this is a landmark operation, the procedure isn’t entirely new to humanity.

According to NBC News, the first-ever penis transplant took place in China in 2006. The procedure was reversed just 15 days later however, due to severe psychological trauma experienced by the recipient and his wife, following the surgery.



The first successful penis transplant was done in December of 2014 in South Africa on a patient who is said to have lost his penis as a result of a failed circumcision attempted at age 18.

Amazingly, according to André van der Merwe, a professor and head of Stellenbosch University’s division of urology, numerous grown men lose their penises in South Africa each year from the same cause. The numbers, in 2015 were estimated to be as high as 250 penis amputations occurring each year in the country.

What advice does Manning have, as the first American to undergo a penis transplant? There is hope for those who may need the operation, to have their anatomy back in full form.

“Don’t hide behind a rock,” Manning is quoted as saying to the New York Times.

The groundbreaking transplant took place during a 15-hour operation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, earlier this May by a team of professionals led by Dr. Dicken Ko and Dr. Curtis L. Cetrulo.

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