Forget Hot Yoga – ‘Goat Yoga’ is here

Forget Hot Yoga – ‘Goat Yoga’ is here

Forget about hot yoga, aerial yoga, or doga (you know, yoga with dogs). Goat yoga is here, and its popularity has ‘goaten’ serious.

For yogis who prefer to exercise with their pet, and their pet happens to be a goat, well you’re in luck: goat yoga is actually a thing.

Lainey Morse’s Oregon-based yoga class, featuring her eight goats, has a waiting list 1,200 people long and growing, says the Washington Post.

The goats primarily oversee the pupils, wandering about the yogis in class – occasionally jumping onto people’s backs while they perform poses.


“The look on these people’s faces is just pure bliss,” Morse told the Washington Post.

Goat yoga is a bit odd, seeing as the inclusion of the goats isn’t exactly necessary to the exercises or poses like you’d find in other pro-pet classes, like “doga.” Regardless, it’s becoming as popular as other, ‘normal’ variations of yoga such as hot or aerial. Strangely, the goat phenomena is extremely popular not with local yogis, but tourists.

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“Pretty much no one in my local community comes to these classes. It’s mostly people that live in big cities like Seattle and Portland,” Morse said. “They all live in these big cities, and they don’t get to experience country life or have interaction with goats.”


So why did Morse choose goats as her pet medium of choice?

Morse’s goats were there for her in the difficult moments of her life, from her divorce to her Sjogren’s syndrome diagnosis.

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“Every day I would come home from work, sit out in my field and spend time with my goats,” Morse told the Post.

“It ended up being so therapeutic to me. It’s hard to be sad and depressed when you have baby goats jumping around you.”

Hey, whatever floats your goat.

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