The world’s first Self-Rolling Yoga Mat is here

The world’s first Self-Rolling Yoga Mat is here

For a lot of yogis and fitness enthusiasts, they’ll tell you one of the most annoying parts of their exercise routine is rolling up the yoga mat. Similar to trying to get an umbrella back into its sleeve, it’s ironic that the easiest part of yoga is also somehow the most frustrating.

A Kickstarter has raised over $30,000 to help alleviate the problem with the first self-rolling yoga mat.

According to the company’s video, the YoYo Mat is the first-of-its-kind yoga mat that stays rolled up even without the use of straps or bags. They’ve promised it’ll ease the annoyance of post-class yoga sessions that end in a battle between you and your stubborn mat.

Creator Aaron Thornton said he was inspired to create the yoga mats from slap-on wristbrands. Along with partner Dino May and creative designer Yu Tsai, they’ve been working on the prototype for roughly a year.

The Kickstarter is aiming to get $50,000 by Oct. 16. See the YoYo Mats in action below.

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