How Taking Photos of Your Food Can Actually Make it Taste Better

How Taking Photos of Your Food Can Actually Make it Taste Better

“Yes, please go ahead and take another picture of that quiche-you are helping the world.”

For most people, these are words they’ve probably never uttered to their lunch date but a new study published this month in the Journal of Consumer Marketing has found this very sentence to actually ring true.

Apparently, taking photos of our food can make it taste better. And sharing those pics with others online can make others’ food taste exquisite too if they’re eating the same thing.


The three studies involved in the publication found that, for those eaters enjoying a healthy salad, there was no change in how delicious it tasted when participants took a photo of their food before diving in, but for those indulging in extras like chocolate cake, a quick photo in advance made it all that desert seem all the more scrumptious.

Interestingly, when participants were told that others were eating the same healthy food as they were, taking a pic of the same dish before eating it did actually make the food seem tastier when consumed. explains the whole phenomenon well: “When we photograph our own #cleaneating pictures, we end up delaying taking part in the desirable act of eating healthy, building anticipated pleasure for what might otherwise seem like a bowl of green gloop. Something similar happens while taking a picture of a mountain of chili cheese fries or a steak. The only difference is that, in these situations, what we’re likely anticipating is the desirable flavor more than the virtuous act itself.”


So, get on it and interact with that meal-especially if you are about to eat a fresh cabbage and carrot salad, doused in beet juice dressing.

And please, for the love of Pete, post it on Instagram. Quickly. I’m eating way too many Easter chocolates.

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