Five Foods that Taste Better Right now than They Will All Year

Five Foods that Taste Better Right now than They Will All Year

As the seasons change, so should your produce selection at your local supermarket. This month is the best time to look out for the unique varieties of foods that are particularly tasty this time of year.

The main difference is these foods aren’t developed for storage, so they’re only available for a month or two – meaning you likely won’t find fresher options.

Here’s what should be on your grocery list this month:


octoberfoods1You know about Fuji and Red Delicious apples; this month could be a time to step outside the norm. Apple fanatics should be keeping an eye out for unique varieties, like Gravenstein apples. If you really fear change, Fuji apples are in peak season right now, too.


octoberfoods2Early-season pears (look for the ones that are soft on the touch) are extra flavorful this time of year. Bartlett pears are a great option right now. If you can find it, the French butter pear has a nice creamy texture, though it’s more commonly found on the west coast.



octoberfoods3The grapes don’t get much sweeter than in October. Cooler nights bring out the sugar, and the hot days dry them, so the grapes keep ripening. Red grapes are the best right now, but if you’re looking to the green kinds, look out for the ones that are starting to turn a little amber. They’re late in season, which is the sweetest you can get.


octoberfoods4This is really the only time of year you can eat persimmons. Try Hachiya persimmons, which you should eat when it’s fully ripened; you can slice it up in a salad, or even eat it solo with a spoon. Another variety of persimmon, called Fuyu, is also great this month.



octoberfoods7No surprise here, right? No time is pumpkin time like in October. Not just for carving, baking pumpkins are pristine this time of year, so it might be a good idea to start stocking up since they’ll be more readily available.

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