Dunkin’ Donuts is Cutting Out All Artificial Dyes

Dunkin’ Donuts is Cutting Out All Artificial Dyes

In an effort to keep customers happy and healthy, this fast-food chain is making small changes.

It’s the new year and everyone has a goal to be healthy- even Dunkin’ Donuts. The mega-donut chain has just announced it has removed all artificial dyes from its products.

What does this mean? All doughnuts sold at Dunkin’ Donuts locations in the U.S, as well as at other restaurants and stores across the country, are now being made with a slightly different recipe.

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‘Natural’ dyes are being used to make blue doughnuts and flash those fluorescent colors. These are sourced from items in nature and not synthetically produced by humans.

For example, the color orange can be derived from the beta carotene in carrots, blue or purple from berries and yellow from turmeric.

“This is all part of a larger initiative to offer our guests simpler ingredients and cleaner menu labels,” Ron Golden, in a news release. (While it’s seems like something out of a movie, Golden is manager of ‘doughnut excellence’ at Dunkin’ Donuts).

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The company says it plans to eliminate dyes across their menu, including those found in beverages.

Why the big change? Food dyes have been found to lead to a whole host of problems in studies. These include cancer, organ damage, allergic reactions and even birth defects.

While the FDA claims that companies that use them do meet current safety requirements, it’s likely a good idea to avoid them. Thanks, Dunkin’ Donuts, for helping us enjoy safer treats.

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