Farting A Lot? Maybe You Have One of These 4 Conditions

Farting A Lot? Maybe You Have One of These 4 Conditions

Farting. Children love to mine the subject as an endless source of humor, and most adults pretend it never happens. Which is kind of silly, because, as kids know, we all pass gas and usually every day.

True, sometimes we do it while meeting our in-laws at the most inconvenient times, but farts happen.

But why do some of us have extra? Maybe it was the bean burrito or maybe it wasn’t-excess gas can be caused by many factors.

If you find yourself holding it in more than you’d like, check out these 4 common reasons why you might be farting more than you consider to be normal:

1) You’re Constipated:

 It’s common. You’re stopped up. Maybe you’re traveling, or your diet needs more fiber or you could simply use a bit more water in your system and more exercise. When constipation comes on strong, the body isn’t getting rid of its waste product, and so more bacteria remains in your system.

The bacteria in your poop keeps on releasing gas as it ferments, giving you bad gas. The solution? Get rid of that poop when your body is ready, and you can have some relief.

But beware: turning to laxatives can be tempting to remedy your problem but if your gas keeps coming back, sometimes lifestyles changes are needed for a permanent fix.

2) Your Hormones are Changing:



It may sound weird, but it’s true: your hormones can go up and down and around town and this can cause you to fart more.

According Rebekah Gross, M.D., a gastroenterologist at the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women’s Health at NYU Langone Medical Center who was quoted in womenshealthmag.com, the exact reason it happens isn’t known…but it does happen.

“It’s not clear whether estrogen or progesterone are predominantly responsible for it, but a lot of women whose hormones are changing feel like they’re not moving their bowels as they did when they were younger,” said Gross.

The answer? Talk to your doctor about possible approaches that can help.

3) You’re Still Recovering From Being Sick

Sick Black Man Dreadlocks


You might be farting more than usual because you’re actually recovering from being sick. Falling ill can cause a bacterial imbalance to surface in your gut. When you get better, your body may be finished fighting off that bug but your balance of good and bad bacteria still might be out of whack. It can still be working to correct itself. Eating a healthy diet, exercising and taking probiotics can often help.

4) You Actually Have a Food Sensitivity



Many foods can cause gas to build up in your system, and having a sensitivity to something can make it worse. Wheat and dairy are often common culprits that make people fart too much.

Try eliminating these two from your diet and see if it makes a difference. But take your time: don’t take out both at once, as you won’t know where the true problem lies. Eliminate one group at a time.

Still stumped and making noise? Getting enough rest, good amounts of fiber, proper exercise and enough water in your system can’t be stated enough when looking at eliminating your body’s habit of letting one rip more often than you’d like.

If you’re concerned about your health, talk to your doctor for professional, individual advice.


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